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AED 568
Speaker Stand Set 2 Speaker Stands steel with Bag This set includes two Gravity GSP5212B tripod speaker stands and the padded heavy duty GBGSS2B ca
AED 199
Microphone Stand with Folding Tripod Base and 2-Point Adjustment Boom Solid and durable construction. Heavy duty zinc die-cast base. 2-point boom a
AED 261
Music Stand Orchestra Solid and durable construction. Foolproof operation. Height and tilt adjustment without set screws.
AED 141
Adjustable T-Bar For Speaker Stands Rugged heavy-duty construction. Adjustable width. Ergonomic set screw knob. Integrated hex key holder 2 x 25 kg
AED 186
Keyboard Stand X-Form double black Solid and durable construction. Ergonomic handling. Reinforced joints. Interchangeable color rings. Including on
AED 116
Adjustable Speaker Pole 35 mm to M20 1800 mm Heavy-duty steel construction. M20 male thread end. 1.8 m maximum height.