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AED 3,994
Compact 12" active PA System
AED 6,428
Lectern with Active Speaker Array, White
AED 5,170
Compact 15" active PA System
AED 4,500    AED 5,000
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AED 7,051
Compact 18" active PA System
AED 336
Standard active DI box. Can be operated with 9 V batteries or 48 V phantom power. High-impedance input; higher output level than with a passive DI
AED 879
Active DI-box with outstanding additional functions. These include an unbalanced XLR input, in addition to the 3-way attenuator -10, -20, -30 dB a
AED 1,543
Active 4-channel DI box. Each channel has a jack input with a parallel output for passing through the signal. An attenuation switch (-30 dB) allows ei
AED 419
The PAN-04 consists of a housing containing the equivalent of two PAN-01s, making it a dual channel passive DI box. This „stereo" configuration make
AED 307
The Palmer Pro AHMCT XL is the universal tool for anyone involved in cabling up a stage. As well as standard audio and video cables, the Palmer Pro A
AED 4,429
Distribution amplifier, switchable between microphone and line levels. Two balanced inputs, individually configurable for microphone or line levels, c
AED 1,057
Guitar Cabinet 1 x 12" with Eminence Governor 8 Ohms Palmer cabinets are rugged, flexible and affordable guitar cabinets. The main features are: Fr