Music Player
AED 2,828
Blu-Ray, DVD and CD Player
AED 3,535
CD / Media Player with Digital Audio Outputs and RS-232c
AED 4,177
Network CD / Media Player with Digital Audio Output and RS-232c
AED 2,571
Internet Radio and FM broadcast player with 250-channel memory
AED 3,214
SD/USB Audio Recorder
AED 4,177
Network SD/USB Audio Recorder
AED 1,543
CD/Media Player with USB and Aux Inputs
AED 2,828
CD/Media Player with Bluetooth/USB/SD/Aux and AM/FM Tuner
AED 2,314
CD/Media Player with Bluetooth/USB/Aux Inputs and RS-232c
AED 1,285
Digital AM/FM Tuner