Studio Music Production
AED 1,057
Guitar Cabinet 1 x 12" with Eminence Governor 8 Ohms Palmer cabinets are rugged, flexible and affordable guitar cabinets. The main features are: Fr
AED 2,581
49 Keys MIDI Keyboard
AED 1,452
Portable 4 x 8 Pad Matrix Synthesizer Workstation with 2 Nova Series Synth Engines, 4-part Drum Machine, Effects, 128-step Sequencer, and Onboard Spea
AED 2,016
37-mini-key Synthesizer/Vocoder and USB Controller with Realtime Performance Controls, 14 Filter Types, 6 Envelope Generators, 3 LFOs, and Gooseneck M
AED 2,710
37-key Synthesizer, USB Controller & Audio Interface with Touch-sensitive Encoders, Built-in Vocoder, and Included Gooseneck Microphone
AED 2,371
25-key Analog Synthesizer with Two Filter Types, Two Oscillators, One Sub-oscillator, Pattern-based Step Sequencer/Arpeggiator, and Aftertouch
AED 524
Portable Controller for Ableton Live and Other DAWs with 8 x Multicolor Backlit Buttons and 16 x Knobs
AED 1,008
Class-compliant MIDI/HUI-compatible Control Surface with 24 Knobs, 8 x 60mm Faders, 16 Soft Buttons, Ableton Live Control Layout, and Bundled Software
AED 524
Compact Pad Controller for Ableton Live with 64 Tricolor Backlit Performance Pads, 16 Programmable Soft Buttons, Ableton Live Lite Software, and Addic
AED 871
Novation Launchpad MKII RGB
AED 1,548
USB MIDI Controller for Ableton Live with 64 Velocity- and Pressure-sensitive Pads, 32 RGB Backlit Round Buttons, Ableton Live Lite 9.5 Software, and
AED 1,016
Audio interface and USB hub for electronic music production