AED 1,662
Theatre spotlight with PC lens and 60W RGBW LED in black Housing Powerful 60 watt RGBW COB LED. Plano-convex lens. Continuously variable manual zoo
AED 2,146
12 x12W QUAD Color LED RGBWA+UV PAR light in black housing 12 x 12 W Ultra High Power RGBWA+UV LEDs. Highest flexibility for perfect mixing of soli
AED 2,002
Outdoor Flood Light with 9x12W RGBWA+UV 6-In-1 LEDs Highly flexible IP65 outdoor flood light. Ultra-flexible color mixing with rich solid, warm pas
AED 767
18 x 3 W TRI color LED RGB PAR light in polished housing 18 x 3 W High Power TRI RGB LEDs. Low power consumption. Operated via DMX, in master/slave
AED 5,549
Cameo AURO® SPOT 200 - LED Moving Head RDM enabled moving head. 130,000 lx @ 1 m. High speed 3-phase motors. 16-bit resolution Motor Focus. Autom
AED 9,571
Cameo AURO® SPOT 400 - LED Moving Head RDM-capable moving-head with high-power single LED. 200,000 lx @ 1 m, 4470 lm. High-speed 3-phase motors. M
AED 1,572
Cameo Nano Beam 300 1 x 30 W Cree LED RGBW Mini Moving Head with Unlimited Pan incl. IR-Remote Miniature moving head with unlimited pan and 230°
AED 767
6-channel DMX splitter / booster (3-pin and 5-pin) Professional 6-way DMX splitter / booster. Chassis 1U 19" rack-mount enclosure. 6 electrically i
AED 767
8-channel DMX splitter / booster (3-pin). Professional 8-way DMX splitter / booster. Chassis 1U 19" rack-mount enclosure. DMX INPUT: 1 x XLR (3-pi
AED 1,384
USB to DMX interface with 512 DMX channels in Live mode. Built-in flash memory for 256 DMX channels in Standalone mode. User friendly and intuitive Ca